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A real hero who walks with actions
and not have special powers. just a big heart 

Revolution for Mental Health Care 

Greta Parrott Schwartz

Monday, May 30, 2016 Ocean VIEW, NJ

 This history have moments the will changes people lives, and will make every one think twice about. A real every days heroes that have the own history, people want to know what is the history behind Greta Parrott Schwartz and the casket the she is pulling with her own hands and body and this trajectory that for her is a challenge, but she inside her spirit know that this challenge only is a tournament that just beginning in her and millions the struggle with Mental health care.

We are in a CRISIS in this country in New Jersey, due to inadequate mental health care. Children who are suicidal are given at most a week of care! Veterans are committing 22 suicides a day! Our prisons are overflowing with people suffering from mental illness who can't get help.

Mental illness is NO DIFFERENT than physical illness and should be treated as such by the insurance companies. In this crucial election year I am hoping to bring media attention to this issue and force the politicians to deal with this crisis. It is time to stop the stigma. It is time to stop the shame. It is time for a REVOLUTION! This Memorial Day  Greta Parrott Schwartz will be walking over 100 miles to the New Jersey State Capitol Building pulling a casket which will represent all those who's lives have been cut short by this terrible illness. All funds raised will go towards this continuing cause in partnership with other non-profits. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Sure! Planning to arrive at noon Wed at the State House. Monday May 30, 2016 around 5:30am Greta start her challenge, and is Tuesday today 5:30 am in the morning again and she is walking with a casket walking again one person only In the street walking from Ocean view New Jersey to Trenton New Jersey State Capitol.


 This update of this history that only begin Where is Greta and her Casket NOW.

Every hour we will tell you, with pictures about the early update and much more.

Today Greta Parrott Schwartz  is walking from Hammonton NJ, somebody in the street will look and say, What she is doing ? Why She is doing that? And where she is going? Don't worry we have all the Update, but you should do you part. and Go to:


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